Where art meets socks

We are a community of artists, creatives and supporters
who believe in the power of art to
inspire, connect, and transform

How we started

Artist Denise Smith founded Arte Do Pé socks in 2023 with the intention of making socks that you’ll love wearing and that are pieces of art themselves. Denise also wanted to find a way to address the ongoing lack of funding in the arts by donating a portion of profits to art organizations and art education programs. She is particularly interested promoting underserved populations.

The Artist Series Socks are a result of inviting up and coming artists, of all ages and backgrounds not only to design a sock, but to give them the opportunity to reach a larger audience for their work.

We hope you fall in love with our socks and discover a new artist whose work brings you inspiration.

Art education and charity

In addition to promoting our collaborating artists, Arte Do Pé also allocates a percentage of its profits towards supporting art education programs and charitable organizations that prioritize the arts. This is done to foster and maintain the vibrancy of the arts. Meet our partners...

NYC Culture Club

The NYC Culture Club is a project conceived by brothers Parker and Clayton Calvert. It is an exhibition space offering opportunities for curators and artists to have exhibitions, free of charge. This is made possible via a partnership with Westfield World Trade Center. The space is located on the C1 South Concourse in The Oculus, a downtown commercial hub that connects to almost every public transit option in NYC. The NYC Culture Club also partnered with the Louise Nevelson Legacy Council in December 2021 on a series of exhibitions called Intermissions. The goal of the project is to have an impactful program that contributes to the cultural renaissance that New York and the world needs as we come out of the pandemic. It is a space for artists, curators and the general public founded by artists. The NYC Culture Club is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.